About Me


I am a Scottish self-taught artist born in 1975 on the most northerly island in Scotland, called the Shetland Islands. Drawing and painting has always been part of my life.

Childhood playgrounds have been a constant source of inspiration for me. Having been brought up in Lerwick, as a child, I loved playing in the lanes; now I love drawing them. I love the different textures and shades, especially of the cobble stones, the trees and the steps.  The way the light can change the atmosphere of the lanes is fascinating.  I’m also intrigued by the history of this special part of Lerwick and the stories that lie within. Nothing much has changed here; there is a stillness and sense of timelessness which I try to capture in my drawings.

Bigton, at the south end of Shetland, was another favourite childhood haunt. It was home to my grandparents and I enjoyed many happy days down there playing in the hay and in the fields, with the Shetland ponies, cows, sheep and the playful little lambs.

More recently, I have returned to my ‘Ness’ roots to celebrate the islands’ unique landscape. Recent collections have included paintings of abandoned ‘yoals’ (rowing boats), old croft houses, wildlife and Shetland’s beautiful wild flowers.


  • Aald Crofts – Hoswick Visitor Centre, 2017
  • Came Eence an Aerrent tae Yell – The Old Haa, Yell, 2017
  • Quiet Traispe Aboot da Toon – Shetland Museum and Archives, 2016
  • Aald Boats and Boannie Lanes – Mareel and Bonhoga, Shetland Arts, 2015
  • Da Street – ‘Hjatland’ Northlink ferry, 2014


  • Full member of the Shetland Arts and Crafts Association